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This is our news magazine which is posted to all members. It is published four times a year.

The Bulletin contains articles of interest to all philatelists, e.g. starting a collection, mounting a display, research material, details of forthcoming events, etc.

A back issue of the Bulletin can be viewed here: Bulletin Volume 53 No. 2 – June 2013

Members are encouraged to submit articles to our Editor, Dr Ian Sadler. They should be submitted in writing to:

The Bulletin Editor
Brighton Philatelic Society
PO Box 8062
North Road LPO
East Brighton, Vic, 3187

or via email to

The Editor reserves the right to correct any obvious errors or to delete material which may be offensive.

Back issues of the Bulletin are available in the Society Library and articles of interest can be photocopied at a nominal charge.

List of BPS Bulletins

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Link to Entry Date Published Title Link to the PDF
View Details02 June 2021Catalogue Auction Bid Sheet July 2021Bid-Sheet-for-Auction-July-2021.pdf
View Details02 June 2021Auction Catalogue July 2021Auction-Catalogue-July-2021.pdf
View Details30 May 2021Bulletin June 2021Bulletin-June-2021.pdf
View Details01 March 2021Bulletin March 2021Bulletin-March-2021.pdf
View Details20 December 2020Brighton Papers in Philately 1/2020Brighton-Papers-in-Philately-1-2020.pdf
View Details04 November 2020Bulletin October 2020BPS-Bulletin-October-2020.pdf
View Details03 November 2020Bulletin August 2020BPS-Bulletin-3-August-2020.pdf
View Details28 May 2020Bulletin June 2020BPS-Bulletin-June-2020.pdf
View Details01 February 2020February 2020 BulletinBPS-Bulletin-Vol.60-No.-1-Feb-2020-email-version.pdf
View Details01 June 2024June 2024 BulletinBulletin-June-2024-pdf-version.pdf
View Details01 June 2024July 2024 Catalogued AuctionBPS-Auction-July2024-Catalogue-FINAL.pdf
View Details03 February 2024BPS 2nd March 2024 Auction CatalogueBPS-March-2024-Auction-Catalogue.pdf
View Details03 February 2024February 2024 BulletinBPS-Feb2024-Bulletin.pdf
View Details10 October 2023Catalogue Auction - November 4th 2023November-2023-Catalogued-Auction-No-177.pdf
View Details10 October 2023BPS Bulletin - October 2023BPS-October-23-Bulletin.pdf
View Details01 August 2023August 2023 BulletinBulletin-August-2023.pdf
View Details21 June 2023July Auction Catalogue (updated)Catalogued-Auction-176-updated-July-2023.pdf
View Details01 June 2023June 2023 BulletinBulletin-June-2023.pdf
View Details07 February 2023How to access BPS social mediaHow-to-Access-BPS-Social-Media.pdf
View Details07 February 2023Auction Catalogue March 2023Catalogued-Auction-175-March-2023.pdf
View Details07 February 2023February 2023 BulletinBulletin-February-2023.pdf
View Details01 October 2022October 2022 BulletinBulletin-October-2022.pdf
View Details01 October 2022Auction Catalogue November 2022Auction-Catalogue-November-2022.pdf
View Details29 August 2022Bulletin August 2022Bulletin-August-2022.pdf
View Details21 June 2022Auction Catalogue July 2022Catalogued-Action-173-July-2022.pdf
View Details21 June 2022June 2022 BulletinBulletin-June-2022.pdf
View Details31 January 2022Bulletin February 2022Bulletin-February-2022.pdf
View Details03 November 2021December Auction CatalogueAuction-Catalogue-December-2021.pdf
View Details29 October 2021Bulletin October 2021Bulletin-October-2021.pdf
View Details01 September 2021Bulletin August 2021Bulletin-August-2021.pdf
View Details28 July 2021Gala Flyer 15 AugustGala-Flyer.pdf
Link to Entry Date Published Title Link to the PDF



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