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The Committee for 2019-2020 is:

President:Dr Ian Sadler
Vice President:David Shutler
Secretary:Stephen Bradford
Treasurer:Brad Baker
Committee:Dr William Wells, Dr Ian Sadler, Andrew Ballis, Jim Bell, Charles Bromser, Carole Czermak, Deb Harms, John McKay, Ross Newton, Ray Price and Marco Turco.
Exchange Superintendent:Dr Howard Ellis and Jim Marinis
Editor of BPS Bulletin:Dr John McKay
Membership Officer:Deb Harms
Auction and Sales Branch Convenor:Jim Bell and David Shutler
Uncatalogued Auction ConvenorJohn Rennie
Auction NumbersMarco Turco
Librarian:Ray Price

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1 thought on “The Committee”

  1. Hi there – I am a relatively new member so don’t know everyone that has a role. Those I have spoken to have been most helpful. What I do find hard is to make contact with the appropriate person for say, how to lodge or submit auction items or complete circuit books. Perhaps where the committee is listed, there is an email address or even a mobile number if that person so agrees. Also what does each of the roles actually do.
    Why not allow membership renewals (i.e. the advice) to be completed on-line? Whilst we all love stamps, it seems “old style” to post the advice back.

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