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The following is a listing of Auction items for our March Catalogued Auction. Note that photos have only been provided for selected (high value) items only, and only provided for additional information. Inspection of lots in person is advised.

Lot No.VendorDescriptionReserve Photo
30RG194Albums and Accessories: Hawid and Showguard Mounts: 22 packets ranging 21mm to 86mm, most near full.$20.00
64KK017Postcards: About 70 Australian postcards, many with stamps. 1900 to 1925 era.$40.00
72KP002Trading Cards: May Gibbs Gumnut Babies and Tuckfields Bird Series. Several hundred cards.$20.00
83KP018PNC: Australia: 2011 Presidents Cup, 2011 Christmas, 2012 Olympics Road to London, 2011 International Year of Volunteers.$30.00
95PB010Hundreds of perfins, each individually labelled, mounted on Hawid strips. Many countries, but mainly GB. In a shoe box.$50.00
123MJ208Australia: Collection of duplicated Half & One pennies in envelopes in a small box. Unchecked for varieties & flaws.$20.00
157KP005Australia: 2000 Sydney Olympics in a large presentation binder. 28 x $5 coins – one for each sport at the Games. Also includes 8 extra $5 coins. A magnificent souvenir. Inspection recommended.$250.00
177KP069Papua New Guinea. Polymer banknotes. 1 x 20 Kina, 1 x 50 Kina, 1 x 100 Kina mounted on a large card. Also Fiji 2 x 2 Dollars Millennium issue. Uncirculated condition.$70.00
212PB314U.P.U.: Tray full of stamps, covers and other items connected with the UPU from different years. Many items still in their original folders from other auction houses.$50.00
298QZ220B.C.O.F.: Flaws in the printing of ½ d, J1. Third setting-left pane. Block of 40 MNH stamps.$75.00
325MT2531928 National Stamp Exhibition 3d Kookaburra, three joined MNH blocks of four. Two hinges that hold the sheet are on the upper and lower margins.$400.00
335MH2011913-1965. Collection of MNH & mint hinged stamps on Seven Seas pages in a folder with slip-case. Mint hinged to 1934 & then MNH. Includes 5/- Harbour Bridge, Coat of Arms & both Robes sets MNH. Also 1928 National Stamp Exhibition 3d Kookaburra Miniature sheet. No Kangaroos. Inspection recommended.$1,000.00
400PB323Over 100 covers in plastic crate from many different countries.$30.00
402LX005Royal Opening of New Zealand Parliament in 1954 on two covers.$20.00
403PB312Box with over 100 world covers many from the UPU.$40.00
404MT2191932. Sydney Harbour Bridge stamps on two First Day covers with Harbour Bridge Opening celebrations cancels.$25.00
469-474China - various Lots. Refer Catalogue for detailsVarious
491PB601Costa Rica: 1863 to 1994. MNH, mint hinged & used stamps in a Minkus Album. Great selection.$125.00
495MT225Egypt: Late 1800s -mid 1900s. Collection of mint hinged & used stamps in Lighthouse album. Great selection. Back pages have some New Zealand stamps.$90.00
536PB313Great Britain: Large box with shoe boxes, envelopes, bags and sheets of GB stamps. Many high values noted.$40.00
538MT221Great Britain 1858-1879. Used QV plate numbers 71-220. Not complete. 140 stamps. Inspection recommended.$125.00
566QH012Great Britain: 1976 – 1995 MNH collection including 21 booklets in large stockbook. Appears to contain all stamps.$80.00
572PB322Great Britain: Shoebox with well over 100 covers mainly from the 1970s and 80s. Includes some regionals and three from GVI.$30.00
573PB052Greece: 1889 to 1968 MNH, mint hinged and used stamps, sorted into years in packets. Thousands of stamps.$30.00
581MT264Hong Kong: 1997-20 First Day covers of Definitive stamps, 1992-1997 and two booklets of History of Hong Kong definitive stamps.$30.00
592QZ214Japan: 1948 Nagano Postal Exhibit sheet and Shikoku Exhibition sheets. High catalogue value. MNH.$100.00
609UN102Malaysia: bundleware, hundreds of bundles of 100 modern stamps in box, over 2kg.$30.00
611AU005Mozambique: 1925 The Pictorials issues. 16 stamps.$20.00
628QR102New Guinea: 1915-1923 N.W.P.I. overprints on Australian stamps. Kangaroos to 5/- mint hinged, KGV mint hinged & used. 28 stamps including 1918 One Penny overprints used.$200.00
727PB321U.S.A: Shoebox with over 100 covers from 1928 to 1948.$30.00
741AL210Yugoslavia: 1954. Animals complete mint hinged set of twelve. Also there two extra used highest value stamps.$100.00
742UN104Vatican: 2002 Pope John Paul II miniature sheets of 25 MNH stamps x 18.$40.00
743-745PH017Australia Post Year Books - refer Catalogue for details per lotVarious


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